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Prevention: keeping teeth and gums healthy

There are three key oral health messages to help maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth.

They are:

1. Brush for 2 minutes, twice a day, with a fluoride toothpaste and clean between teeth using floss or interdental brushes daily.

2. Reduce your consumption of sugary foods and drinks.

3. Visit your dentist regularly. 


  • Whether using a manual or electric brush the following applies:

  •  Use a methodical approach.
  •  Hold brush like a pen which helps to reduce excessive force.
  •  Concentrate on one or two teeth at a time.
  •  Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle.
  •  Brush outside, inside and biting surfaces of the teeth.
  •  Brush for 2 minutes twice a day


Interdental Cleaning - Brushes

Interdental brushes are for cleaning in between teeth.

Used daily, it removes plaque and food debris where your brush cannot reach.

For spaces at the back of the mouth, bend the brush in a slight curve but never at right angles this will help you access the more difficult-to-reach areas.

A choice of sizes are available to help clean different sized interproximal spaces.



  • Use about 50 cm of floss, wrap around your middle fingers leaving 5-10 cm between you hands
  • Gently move the floss between two teeth and wrap it in a C shape around the tooth
  • Guide the floss to where the tooth meets the gum edge
  • Move the floss up and down
  • Applying slight pressure
  • Never floss back and forward in a sawing action
  • Repeat the process on the adjacent tooth
  • Remove the floss vertically, avoid removing horizontally where possible
  • Continue by using a fresh piece of floss on each tooth

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