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Fees - Our practices operates mainly on an independent or private basis. Our fee structure is fee per item and payment is due on the day of treatment. For a fees guide please ask reception for a practice leaflet. Your dentist will also provide a written cost estimate of proposed treatment.


Finance - The practice can help you to apply for interest free loans with a payback period off  normally 6 months on treatment plans costing over £250. We do not charge for the application and use a third party Breamar Finance to broker the interest free loans. Leaflets are available at our reception areas. For more information please ask your dentist.


General Dental Council (GDC) - Dentists and dental nurses once qualified are bound by law to be registered with the GDC. The GDC are the organisation that regulates dental professionals in the UK.


Gingivitis - is when the gums are inflammed, red and swollen, often the swollen gums bleed when they are brushed during cleaning. See Periodontal and Prevention.


Gumshield - is a soft fitted custom made device that protect teeth against impact and injury . 


Halitosis - Bad breath also known as halitosis is a common problem that can affect anyone of any age. In most cases bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth breaking down bits of food, if persistant it can be a sign of gum disease, other causes can be eating strongly flavoured foods for example onions or garlic, smoking and drinking and occasionally it can be the result of infection or illness. Good oral hygiene is usually good enough to prevent and treat bad breath.

Your dentist can advise you on how to improve your oral health and can refer you for further investigation if they think there may be another cause for your bad breath.


Hypersensitivity - is a short sharp pain when the tooth is exposed to hot/cold and sweet/sour food or drink.  In entreme  cases just exposeure to cold air can cause pain for peple with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity occurs because the emanel of the tooth has worn down and the dentin is left exposed. Please ask your dentist. 


Implant - dental implant is an artificial tooth root used in dentisty to support restorations. refer to our implant  information for  more information.


Information Governance - All our staff are fully trained in Information Governance Guidelines and follow the guidelines and regulations strictly.


Jaw - Temporo-mandibular joint complaints are common and can include clicking, jerking and pain. Daily exercises over a two - three week period can help retrain muscles so the jaw joint opens and closes smoothly. Please ask your dentist for more details.


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